David Pomeroy shares some tips for distance teaching

What is it like to teach a face-to-face course by distance? In this video David Pomeroy, a lecturer from the School of Teacher Education, shares his personal experiences on this topic. David explains how he uses lecture capture (Echo360) during his face-to-face classes to engage distance students, talks about his approach for guiding students through LEARN (Moodle) and provides practical advice for those who are thinking about offering their face-to-face course by distance for the first time.

  1. What are some of the things you do for your distance students? 0:08
  2. Tell us about your presence on LEARN (Moodle) 5:32
  3. What’s your advice for staff thinking of implementing distance teaching for the first time? 9:28
Interested in getting more help about Echo360 and/or distance teaching? Contact e-Learning Support
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