Café Style Workshops

The Academic Development Team are planning to run Café Style Workshops over the coming months.

The plan is that these workshops will be held in cafés (dates and times to be arranged) where we will get a chance to share our experiences of what has worked and not worked in a number of different areas. It may be that after a first workshop relating to a topic, the participants choose to continue meeting into the future.

Suggested topics at this stage are:

  • Technology for engaging students in large lectures
  • Designing effective assessments that are not invigilated exams or tests
  • Engaging distance students in synchronous face-face lectures
  • Creating communities of learners amongst distance students
  • What did we change for delivery during lockdown that we have continued with and why?

If you are interested in any of these topics or have any other suggestions, please contact Trevor Nesbit via so that we can starting putting them in place.

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