Ako Anamata: EdTalk on November 9

Ako Anamata | Future Learning and Development is excited to invite UC staff to the next instalment of our monthly Ako Anamata: EdTalks – which this month will be given by Prof Ben Kennedy & Dr Jonathan Davidson; and Dr Brad Hurren, Georgia Williams & George Haswell.

Date: Tuesday 9 November
Venue: University of Canterbury Club (Ilam Homestead)
Time: 4pm – 6pm

The session includes:

  • 4.00pm: Welcome and introduction – Brad Hurren, Kaiwhakawhanake Akoranga | Academic Developer (Ako Anamata | FL&D)
  • 4.05pm: DLTP Scholar Presentation – Online and face to face, best of both worlds? Using a MOOC with bicultural and interactive 3d elements for a flipped, blended teaching environment – Prof Ben Kennedy (Te Kura Aronukurangi | School of Earth & Environment) and Dr Jonathan Davidson (Te Kura Aronukurangi | School of Earth & Environment)
  • 4.35pm: Development of a targeted academic and wellbeing orientation for new UC students – Brad Hurren, Georgia Williams & George Haswell
  • 4.55pm: Close, followed by networking with colleagues

Please note that due to the current COVID-19 Alert Level 2, there are safety measures in place at the Ilam Homestead. These are:

  • This event will be treated as a private function;
  • Please wear face coverings when arriving at the venue, and when using the bathrooms;
  • For this event, only the upstairs bar will be staffed and contains the same selection as the downstairs bar – however no tap beers will be available;
  • Purchases can be only be made by card – no cash.

DLTP Scholar Presentation – Online and face to face, best of both worlds? Using a MOOC with bicultural and interactive 3d elements for a flipped, blended teaching environment

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought to the fore the need for more flexible and future-focused education. This project will build a team across the university to support course transformations towards resilient blended, flipped and courses using MOOCs. This team will develop a methodology that is applicable across the university to create innovative online experiences that enhance learning in face-to-face settings. Specifically, we will create innovative ways to deliver and assess flexible content via virtual fieldtrips and virtual lab environments but within current UC and EDx platforms.

In this presentation we will focus on Geol 336 Volcanology and Magmatic systems course that underwent some course transformation in 2011 (Kennedy et al., 2012). We are currently measuring baseline data on student motivation and learning strategies (MSLQ) (Pintrich, 1991), and conducting student reflections and questionnaires. We have spent our first year of DLTP transforming and aligning our prize nominated EdX MOOC with content for our third year volcanology course and laboratory sessions. We will showcase the results of our bicultural consultation, 3D interactive elements and authentic assessments. The plan is to use the MOOC and workshops to replace lectures, and better prepare for the lab and field and future careers. The MOOC will contain elements of online labs and virtual fieldtrips and specific assessments around bicultural competencies and science communication, providing an experience resilient to sudden changes in teaching constraints (e.g. social distancing or lockdown obligations). Following the transformation in 2021/2 we will remeasure teaching and learning for the instructor and students.

The big challenge is how we can change the habits of students to do the necessary online learning before coming to workshops and labs. This issue will be huge to the whole university as learning becomes more flexible, we need to foster new study habits and learning strategies. We hope to generate some discussion around this.

DLTP monthly talks

Our DLTP (Distributed Leadership in Teaching Programme) Scholars have been successful in applying for the opportunity to secure both time and funding to explore and showcase their interests in teaching and learning. More information on the DLTP can be found here.

These monthly talks provide an exciting opportunity for DLTP scholars to showcase their work, as well as to give you a brief update on what’s happening in the wider teaching and learning areas at UC. The Ako Anamata: EdTalk is also time for colleagues and friends to get together and network in an informal setting. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information on the DLTP please contact Dr Brad Hurren.