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Echo360 Pop-up Resource Center for Instructors

In Echo360, you are now presented with a new pop-up resource designed to help get you oriented with the Echo360 platform.  When you are in your library, you will see a question mark icon.  If you click on this your will see 4 options.:

  • Announcements – What’s New in Echo360
  • Webinars – Current and Past Echo360 Webinars
  • Walkthroughs – A step by Step Guide to Echo360s most common features
  • Documentation – Search for Help Articles








If you have any questions about this please contact the Learning Design & Technology Team or log an Assyst request.

New in AKO | LEARN: Mass Actions Block

We have added the Mass Actions block to AKO | LEARN. This block allows instructors to perform actions upon multiple resources or activities, rather than having to perform repeated actions on individual items.

Supported actions include mass selection, indentation, deletion, hiding, showing, and moving. To select items to perform actions on, simply click the checkbox to the right of it in the course home page or use select functionality, then click the action you would like to perform in the block.

You will see the block on the right hand side of your AKO | LEARN courses when you turn editing on.

There is a help sheet linked below, but if you have any queries let us know.

Mass Actions Block