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Online teaching tip of the month

With AKO | LEARN sites being one of the most important ways that your students access information about your course – try to break down a daunting overall semester timetable by providing a weekly ‘mini-timetable’ with updates and expectations for each week. This can help by acting as a checklist for students – making time management (especially when undertaking several courses at once) a skill that can be developed and encouraged in an authentic way.

Weekly timetables like these can also be delivered as a quick video – allowing the students to see you and your engagement with keeping them up to date with important aspects of the course, and breaking away from the usual format of a text notice. It is also a way to inject some of the reality of who you are as a person – you can make it relevant with your perspectives on what is going on with the course, your research or what is going on in the wider world to have a real-time effect on engagement levels.