Pink Shirt Day photos

A lot of you got behind Pink Shirt Day today and took a stand against bullying.

Check out some of the photos below.

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Big-ups to Student Success volunteers

Last night the Student Success team hosted a group of the almost 300 students who have worked with us in a variety of volunteer and casual roles so far this year at a Student Appreciation Night.

Staff team members reversed the roles for a night and served drinks and canapes to the students and some University staff. Entertainment was provided in the form of live music and then improvised comedy from the hilarious Court Jesters.

Student Appreciation Night

Did you know that Student Success services include: 


Academic Skills Centre

Careers, Internships and Employment

Disability Resource Service

Student Care

Student Experience

Student Transitions and Engagement

UC RecCentre

UC Sport


UC PGSA: Mona Vale High Tea

Turning up to your office with a triple shot espresso, jersey half off your shoulder, and bags under your eyes? Tired of tediously replying to emails, and preparing for the never-ending stream of meetings? Our UC PGSA’s slogan used to be ‘Eat. Sleep. Thesis. Repeat’, but it shouldn’t be that way. We understand it can be easy to fall into this routine where everything revolves around thesis work, and you start to wonder what else is happening on campus, or where everyone has gone?

Mona Vale image

Although your office may be your home away from home, we’re here to get you out in the sunshine and meeting other postgrads. I have no doubt we all go through similar trials and tribulations, whether you’re Honours, Masters, or PhD, so that’s something we can all bond over. There’s nothing like a good vent to someone about how your supervisor(s) have contradicting ideas about your research, the period of writers block you had over the weekend, or how your favourite instant coffee sachet are no longer on sale at Countdown!

Speaking of coffee, this next event you don’t want to miss!

The PGSA is holding High Tea at the picturesque Mona Vale Homestead on Sunday 4th June. Come and indulge in hand crafted sweets and savouries while enjoying the idyllic Mona Vale gardens in great company!

Tickets available from our website. 

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