Darcy Rose- Women’s Basketball Star

Darcy Rose, a current UC student, and a member of the Canterbury Wildcats women’s basketball team, is a sports star to watch out for. Rose, who was born in Colorado, has spent the past eight months completing her PhD in linguistics at Canterbury. The coach of the Canterbury Wildcats, Phil Burns, describes Rose as a role model for other inspiring athletes.


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UC graduates granted Ethel Susan Jones Fine Arts Travelling Scholarship

This year six UC graduates of Fine Arts have earned themselves a Ethel Susan Jones Fine Arts Travelling Scholarship. With this funding the former students will be able to develop their skills, and move onto the international stage, representing Canterbury and Christchurch through their artistic talent. Here’s the full story…

UC students Rebecca Harris, Rosalee Jenkin and Clara We






This could be you! See more about scholarships offered through UC.

UC stars of the Christchurch Urban Astronomers Society

Two amazing UC students Ryan Ridden-Harper and Toby Hendy played a significant role in the development of the Christchurch Urban Astronomers Society. The society allows them to expand their interest of astronomy and share their passion with others from the Canterbury region. Both students study physics and mathematics at UC.  

Ryan and Toby had their story published on UC’s news site and in Chronicle.


Urban Astronomers
UC students Ryan Ridden-Harper and Toby Hendy (right) with sunscope.







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