My day at the Human Rights Commission Diversity Forum!

The other day (Monday 25th) I had a really awesome experience when I attended the Human Rights Commission Diversity Forum as part of their media team. I first heard about this opportunity through an email from the Media and Communications Department at UC, and as soon as I saw it I jumped at the chance to be a part of it.

The forum was held at UC, mainly in C Block lecture theatres. On the day I was given control of the NZ Race Relations Twitter page to update throughout the forum with photos, quotes from speakers and information from various talks. I sat right in the front row along with two other UC media students which was  a prime position for capturing photos! Over the day many interesting issues were discussed including:  how employers can embrace diversity, what tools are provided by Immigration New Zealand to help new workers integrate into society, and employment challenges new migrants encounter. Once the forum had ended we were invited to attend an awards ceremony where I had the pleasure of meeting the Governor General, and even the Chancellor of the University, Dr John Wood.

For me this experience was incredibly valuable, as it is in my area of interest (media) and allowed me to make contacts within the industry. My advice for UC students would be to give everything a go as you’ll never know what great chances you could be missing if you don’t try. I highly recommend making the most of opportunities such as this while you attend UC as they are enriching experiences that provide you with great work experience for the future, and are valuable on your CV! Remember to check your emails regularly to see what pops up, and don’t feel shy to ask lecturers and department co-ordinators, as they have the inside knowledge.

If you would like to read more about this year’s Human Rights Commission Forum, or would like to keep a look out for next year’s date, then visit this website (this annual event is free)

Lounge around in the History lounge!

Student space - History
Student space – History

Have you wondered before what the money you put into your student levy goes towards? Well, one of the great things it’s contributed to this year is the new student lounge in the bottom floor of the History building. So what’s so great about this space you may be thinking? Well…

  1. It’s like a tropical island on a cold winter’s day. Seriously! It may be freezing throughout Puaka-James Hight and raining cats and dogs outside, but the History building is like a cosy, warm slice of heaven. This climate keeps your fingers mobile enough to smash out some study, and also provides a pleasant napping spot…
  2. There are microwaves in a small kitchenette area which are less of a traffic jam than the ones in the Undercroft, so you can actually heat-and-eat before you need to be in class!
  3. The lounge has various seating options! OOH I hear you say, different seats. Much wow. Nah, but fo’real it’s pretty cool. There are tables for eating/studying, couches for chilling/sleeping, and bar stools and benches for pretending you’re in a fancy hipster café/sitting up high.
  4. Don’t you hate it when the study rooms in the library are all booked out! Well now you can make use of the two rooms in the History building available for study groups, and super-secret meetings.
  5. The building is smack bang in the middle of multiple lecture theatres which means you can easily rush from there to your next class in either: Law, both A lecture theatres, Locke, Logie and the Psychology building.

As spaces continue to change around UC it’s important to make the most of all the new study spaces/chillout zones on campus as they pop up. After all, you practically paid for a tiny percentage of it. Own that percentage. That bit is yours!

Need help finding your feet?

UC Careers, Internships & Employment
UC Careers, Internships & Employment

Whether you are half way through your first year at uni, right in the middle, or nearing the end of your degree, UC Careers, Internships & Employment can provide the support and guidance you may need. One of the great services that the folks at UC Careers offer is careers advice.

Firstly, you can book a 20 minute express appointment on CareerHub here: (once logged in, go to ‘Appointments’ on the left hand side). These are suited for any students who need help and advice with:

  • Course planning
  • Degree options
  • CVs and job application forms
  • Interview preparation
  • Searching for jobs
  • Applying for positions through the Student and Graduate Recruitment Programme.

So if you need a bit of extra support to find your way, don’t hesitate to call UC Careers and talk to them. They won’t bite I promise!

Also you can book a Career Counselling Session for a one-on-one meeting with a Career Consultant. This could settle your worries about any course or career concerns and answer questions including: “What can I do with my degree once I leave UC?” And “What are my postgraduate study options?”. These appointments can also be booked online, on the UC CareerHub website.

Check out this link for further information:

Also there is a very helpful UC Careers information page which provides various information about all the degrees and majors offered at UC. By choosing your degree/major from the list you can receive information about: the skills that the degree/subject provides, where graduates in the field have been employed, what those positions involve, and further study options.
I myself found this very useful and believe you will too! Check it out at

Good luck!