Hot foodie spots on campus

In the Undercroft:

  • Café 1894 is great if you’re looking for a homely place to meet with friends, and have some quality food or coffee. They have lots of yummy lunch options, and are the perfect place to get an amaze-beans salad: pasta, potato, vegetable, even beans… you name it, they have it!
  • Looking for something to fill your tum on a cold day? Hop into The Burg and grab one of their many delicious burgers. Why not make it a combo while you’re at it? Grab some chips and a drink too! YOLO
  •  The Hot Wok is The Burg’s oriental neighbour. They specialise in rice and noodle-based dishes, with a variety of toppings, and also have spring rolls and wontons that many a student have been known to munch on. If you are on a bit of a tight budget (as most of us are!) they also have $2 rice! Bargain!
  • If you have a friend that’s after a souvlaki with tonnes of fillings then you have to get him to The Greek. You’ll be stoked when you discover their Mediterranean wonders!
  • Cut Lunch is the destination you’re after if you fancy something a bit nicer than the vegemite sammies that your mum made! The sandwiches from this little gem, are like Subway, but just a whole lot better. I recommend their Greenie sub if you want a cheap vegetarian feed!
  • When you need some m&ms to survive your lecture, or some banana cake and chips to get you through a study sesh then Chiltons is your new best friend! They are your one stop shop, and sell a wide range of food including: ice creams, sushi, cakes and wraps.
  • When you want to have a civilised date with that lucky guy or gal that you met on Tinder, head over to The Shilling Club! They have a relaxed atmosphere which is perfect if you need somewhere to chill out and have a coffee. They’re also open for dinner and have an outdoor courtyard perfect for the warm evenings!

Around Campus:

  • The Foundry. Ahh the Foundry, the local watering hole and hangout of all. If you’re looking to share a few beers with your friends, or even a classy glass of wine, this is it. They also have a bar menu with some easy options, such as wedges or nachos.
  • Bentleys is the Foundry’s quieter, more respectable friend. They mainly cater for private functions; however they are sometimes open for a casual drink.
  • Cafe101 is a favourite hangout for many students who prefer it to the hustle and bustle of the Undercroft during the lunch hour rush. They are also the home of the best slice on campus the chocolate caramel (OD). Which a ‘friend’ of mine ate far too much of in first year….#noregrets
  • For one of the cheapest hot feeds on campus head over to Eng Café and get hot chips for only $3! They also have burgers, nachos and other hot delicacies!
  • The Shed is Kirkwood’s little secret. This café is quieter than some of those contained in the Undercroft, so it’s a good place to smash out some study in your spare time. They also have a wide range of food, even some fruit and healthy options such as sushi that you can grab after you hit the Rec Centre for a workout!
  • The newly remodelled Alibi Café is situated on the bottom floor of the recently reopened Law Building. For law students it’s the place to be seen, and for the rest of Canterbury it’s another place to enjoy coffee out in the sun.
  • The Collective Café is the best place to eat and drink on the Dovedale Campus. If you make your way over there it’s definitely worth the visit!
  • Reboot Café located in the Erskine Building is a great place to visit if you’re looking for some Vegan, Vegetarian or Halal food. You can also conveniently nip in there before you slink off to The Crypt to spend your evening with all the other night owls!
  • Have you ever got to that point in the day when all you want to do is escape Uni and eat some pizza? Well if you do ever find yourself in this situation, it is possible to fufill this wish! Just head down Homestead Lane to Pizzacarto Pizzeria and grab a pizza for yourself, or even one to share with friends! It’s also open till 9pm, so check it out before you head out for a night on the town!

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