Puaka-James Hight: at the heart of campus

James Hight now Puaka-James Hight, commonly known as the library and proudly referred to as the tallest building on campus, is much greater than just any another building on campus.

Standing tall and strong with eleven levels of glory, it houses the dynamic minds that may be designing optimal solutions to everyday needs or discussing ways to promote world peace. Someone may even be writing the next Noble prize thesis!

Below the levels of thriving academic collaboration is the Undercroft which truly depicts the spirit of UC. It is home to a common space, various café outlets and the infamous UCSA office, and is simply where all the magic happens. With students just casually catching up over a cup of coffee to silently, yet diligently planning the next big thing on campus, the Undercroft definitely resonates the high-spirited, enthusiastic vibe of us UC students.

The old Undercroft
The old Undercroft used to be a bike shed.

In all its essence, Puaka-James Hight is not just a big old library with an impressive collection of books, it is a monument of a sort that will be remembered by all students as an epitome of strength and wisdom that helped us through a few tough times, and supported us to emerge victorious at the end of each assessment!

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