With term break arriving and what feels like an endless trail of assignments and tests, finding a suitable study space on campus, especially after hours can be more taxing than usual. If you’re someone like me who pretty much lives on campus, you will know all about the after hour spaces; if you’re not and are looking for one to get all the work done, here are some options…

The common libraries with varied business hours are the Central Library, EPS Library, the Macmillan Brown Library on the Ilam campus and the Henry Fields Library (Education Library) on the Dovedale campus. The business hours can be found on the respective sites, but are known to many like the tip of their finger. Unfortunately, none operate 24/7 but two are open on the weekends. Use this useful library hours online tool to figure out a time and location that works best for you.

Like always though, to every problem there is a solution. There are plenty of 24/7 study spaces that are mostly computer work rooms for you to choose from. On the Ilam campus there’s:

1)     Crypt 1 & Crypt 2, both located in Level 0 of Erskine

2)      Room KC03 in Kirkwood

3)      The good old Undercroft – the Undercroft never sleeps!

On the Dovedale campus the Kotuku workroom  is 24/7 and available for all students.

Most of these buildings require your Canterbury Card to grant access, so make sure you have your card with you (in fact, whenever you’re on campus you should have your Canterbury Card on you).

While you’re busy burning the midnight oil, your safety is equally important. Here are a few tips to help keep yourself safe:

1.    Have Campus Security on speed dial. They can be reached for free on 0800 823 637 from mobile phones both on and off campus. They will escort you back home safely if needed and can be contacted for any emergency.

2.    Help and Info Towers: Located at multiple spots on campus, these towers are not only for use in emergencies; they are there as information points as well. Press down the appropriate button (Info or Emergency) and speak into the tower to the operator who will assist you. For the locations of the Help and Info Towers on both the Ilam and Dovedale campuses look under “Emergency and Help information” on UC’s online map: http://maps.canterbury.ac.nz/

3. The police, fire brigade and ambulance can be reached on 111. Make sure you call campus security simultaneously, in case of an emergency.

4. Make sure to be aware; try your best to be alert and safe in the extreme after hours and it’s best if you’re with a mate.

5.  Keep some one updated about your whereabouts. This could be a mate, your flattie or even mummy! Just send a simple text telling them where you are and how long you will be.

6 thoughts on “24/7 STUDY SPACES ON CAMPUS”

  1. Also, worth mentioning that (for Erskine, anyway) after hours entry to the building also requires the four-digit code that you chose when you first signed up for your Canterbury Card…

  2. Hi, trying to get into Kotuku after hours, there is no strip to swipe your card. I have tried passing my card over the keypad to try and find some way of scanning the bar code but no luck either. Can anyone help?

    1. Hi. My advice would be to pop into security and check this out with them. You can always call them if you are having access trouble too: 0800 823 637.

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