The Recreation Centre: Worth Every Cent of Your Student Levy

I have to admit that I wasn’t overly impressed when I heard that the student levy price was going to increase this year.  Of course, it would look like chump change compared to my total student loan. Despite this I was very pleased when I discovered that we would now be able to enjoy the use of the university recreation centre as part of the student levy, hoorah!

I had only been into the Recreation Centre a few times the previous year and I had been scared off a little bit by the big boys lifting the weights. They sure knew their business, and here was I, unsure of how to operate the  most simple equipment (swiss balls aren’t just for bouncing up and down on?). This year I returned, determined to make the most of my student levy. My expectations of gyms were high due to the fact that I used to, when I had the luxury of living at home, go to one of the fancy establishments in town. I had even overheard a few people around uni talking about their expensive gym memberships at other places around town, but I thought that it would make sense to make the most of what I have paid for as part of my student levy.

On my first visit I was, and I still am, very impressed with the university Recreation Centre! The staff are absolutely lovely, under their careful and friendly instruction I have finally learnt how to use the equipment properly.

Now I have officially turned into a gym junkie. I love the group fitness classes, as a yoga and zumba enthusiast I can tell you that you do not need to look any further than the university Recreation Centre. The classes vary every session, they are up beat, challenging and give solid results!I am proud to say that I have lost 10kgs in the last six months due to my commitment to the Rec Centre and their commitment to me. Don’t be too intimidated to come in and make the most of your membership. There are students, staff and community members of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels who are there giving it their best, why not become one of them?

And if you really aren’t into exercising, here are some more reasons why the Rec Centre rules:

-The showers are really nice. You may be like me and have five flatmates and one tiny hot water cylinder. Not only can I go and shake my booty with absolutely no shame in a Zumba class, I can then have a hot shower and use the GHD hair straighter. I rest my case.

– Study procrastination. It’s the time of the year when things are starting to pile up on you. It’s OK if you want to roll up in your duvet and never come out, but perhaps a more productive way to procrastinate would be to hang out at the gym? You can’t feel guilty about that! Your physical health is just as important as the health of your grades.

– Great social opportunities await! You will make lots of new buddies in the group classes and small group courses. You can even bring along your besties and have a yarn whilst taking a stroll on the tread mill.

Its not everyday that you are given something like a gym membership that gives you access to knowledgeable staff, high end equipment and exciting group classes.

Give it a go!

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