Make it your future Christchurch!

So I’ve already mentioned how awesome Re:Start Container Mall is in town, but now they have something else to go see- The Future Christchurch Showcase. I actually went and checked it out when I was in town the other day and it’s pretty cool! One of the best parts is a virtual flying adventure through the city which lets you live out your dream of being a superhero and also gives you a great idea of the city and its developments. You can also ask questions about the rebuilding of the city, such as new bars and restaurants, and watch short documentaries. For all you selfie queens out there a photo booth is even available! Gotta keep your selfie game strong. Best of all this exhibition is free so go and have a look!

If you can’t make it in person, you can always check out their facebook page or the mini documentaries they’ve put together to showcase some of the things we have to look forward to as the new city evolves!

I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad

It’s a hard knock life for a student sometimes. Every student knows that time when they realise they have no money. Literally none. They are so broke they can’t even afford to go to Maccy D’s for dinner. However, if you want money, you may have to work for it…. Or use these 5 super easy tips!

1. Food: Do not eat. Okay but fo’reals you’ll save a bucketload if you start bringing food from home to uni instead of treating the Undercroft like the food factory it is. It’s okay to buy the occasional thing sure (I mean $2 rice, come on!) but try to carry food with you.

2. Transport: Petrol is only becoming more expensive as the companies drill out earth for the last few drops of car-powering gold, so try to save on costs by biking, walking, or bussing where possible. The more physical modes of transport are also not only good for your wallet, but also your waistline!

3. Clothes: Get clothes and shoes from Op shops, and bargain stores. The more thrifty you are the more nifty threads you’ll have (think suits from the 70s and grandpa jumpers). Also scavenge clothes from friends when they no longer want them and swap for some of your own things you don’t need.

4. Lower your standards: You’re a student now, time you started shopping like one! You may want the newest brands, expensive makeup, cool workout gear and to go to Drexels every Sunday. Guess what…NOPE. However, Kmart and Sushi-half-an-hour-before-the-mall-closes-so-its-really-cheap are your new pals!

5. Think: Do I need this? Will I want this tommorow, or in 5 days or a month? Prioritise your purchases and set yourself a budget to keep your spending under control.

Remember to treat yourself every once in a while though – we can only be young and stupid for so long!



Invitation – Min Jung’s First Post

Min Jung intro





At first when I encountered Christchurch city, I was shocked. Surely I read articles and saw photos of what it would look like, but seeing the city in real life was so different. I can still remember my first day in the city when my friend drove me around. All I could see were broken buildings and the community’s bitterness, grievance and scars. A feeling of uncertainty in the air is what I remember from that day.

A few weeks later, I visited the city and I was shocked once again. It was different. The atmosphere and the air this time introduced me to a different side of the city. It was busy finding its new shape and people were helping Christchurch to become alive once again by showing their love and support for the city. Small surprises, such as street artwork and facilities and activities that reflected the caring and cooperative community, welcomed me.

The more I get to know Christchurch, the more I get drawn into its beauty and the exciting color it has. After three years, I still cannot say that I have fully explored Christchurch because I discover something new every day. The whole city is being newly shaped and designed. This is truly a historical moment in New Zealand and I feel fortunate to witness it. Christchurch is now writing its future. This is a unique opportunity which, as a city being rebuilt, only Christchurch can offer.

Through this blog, I hope to not only communicate useful information and advice to the University of Canterbury, but also would like to invite you into my thoughts and experiences encompassing Christchurch and New Zealand.