The University has proudly reported its ranking as New Zealand’s no.1 university in two out of four rankings  that were recently announced by the  New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).

According to the TEC, UC has the highest proportion of students completing qualifications as well as the highest ratio of students progressing into higher levels of education into various NZ universities. UC was also the first university in New Zealand to be rated five stars by international university QS rankings company and remains among the top three percent of universities in the world.

Here are the specific stats from the rankings as published by the University:

  1. “The proportion of Canterbury students who completed their qualifications was 88%, compared with the national average of 81%.
  2.  The proportion of Canterbury students who progressed to study at a higher level was 95%, with the national average at 79%.
  3. The university was ranked 3rd in the successful completion of courses and for students who remained in study.”

So, be proud to be a part of UC; a holistic university with exceptional academic and social standards of excellence, that is not only recognised nationally as one of the best, but also across the globe.

Uni Pharmacy

In case you’re the kind who misses the obvious, either due to lack of attention or simply because of oblivion, there’s a handy little pharmacy on campus to make our lives easier.

Uni Pharmacy

Uni Pharmacy

Located in the Undercroft, next to the Copy Centre is the Uni Pharmacy; your one-stop shop for all medicine needs. If you’re under any University approved student insurance, your prescriptions from the UC Health Centre are made available to you at no extra cost. Then, there’s always the good old student discount if you’re after something else. To keep things interesting and fun, the pharmacy has extended its products to more than just medicines. There’s a wide range of toiletries, sanitary items and cosmetic brands all of well-known and recognisable brands, and even some scarves with vibrant prints! The friendly and very approachable staff at the pharmacy only add to the convenience of the experience. They ALWAYS greet you with a smile and ensure that you are taken care of and know your way around. They assist you with making decisions if you need it and answer any queries regarding your prescription, if you have any. Even if you don’t need anything from the pharmacy, it’s a good idea to visit it at least once and take a good look around. It will give you a good idea of what is in there and the price ranges, in case you or anyone you know is in need. Just make sure to carry your Canterbury Card when you visit so that you can avail that student discount, in case you decide to pick up something impulsively (trust me; something WILL catch your eye! I speak out of experience.).