Summer’s fast approaching and most of us are just counting down to it. It’s a time to rewind, relax and let go.

It’s also a good time to invest in university. If you have a course to catch up on or are looking to fast track your degree, you should definitely consider UC’s summer school. It has a range of courses to offer and runs from November to January. Here’s a list of courses and available dates.

Summer programme 2014
Summer programme 2014

While most of us just can’t be bothered attending university during the summer, here are five reasons why you should at least consider it:

  1. It reduces the length of your degree
  2. Helps you make up for any time lost during the academic year
  3. Gets you ahead of the class and a step closer to your next goal (further education/full time job)
  4. It’s condensed and quick, and yet is as effective as a course taken during the academic year.
  5. A chance to meet new and like-minded, goal-driven individuals.

To enrol in a course or for any further information, consult this page:

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