Losing the Fresher Five with the UC Rec Centre

Keeping on top of your health and fitness while you are studying can be hard! After a long day of study the last thing you can feel like doing is hauling your butt down to the gym. If you are anything like the majority of students then you have probably put on a “fresher five”. This is probably due  to a stable student diet of two minute noodles and alcohol. I know that shifting that extra weight can be tough, when my own weight loss started to plateau I gave a personal training package at the uni Recreation Centre a go. I was paired up with the absolutely amazing Sam who I had six intense training sessions with.  He personalised a gym programme for me that focused on my fitness goals, showed me how to use all of the equipment properly and  taught me how to do the exercises effectively and safely. After my six sessions I have to say that I am feeling a whole lot stronger and healthier. I have never seen myself as the kind of girl who would dare to try and lift a bar but damn it feels good to push my body and watch the weights increase as I become stronger. Sam pushed my body further than I would have if I had ventured into the gym alone, it was tough but well worth it. I now have the tools to continue to train alone and extra personal training sessions are so ridiculously cheap that even my student budget can accommodate the luxury of having a personal trainer! If you are needing some help with motivation, your fitness level is plateauing or you are looking for advice about how to get started on losing that fresher five, then get your butt down to the Rec Centre and get a personal training package!  UC students have the cheapest rates of personal training in Christchurch at their fingers, go forth and use it well!

Are you feeling hangry?

Is the lead-up to exams making you tired, frustrated and a whole lotta hungry?  I get what you mean!

Luckily the UCSA is providing FREE exam breakfasts every morning this week in the Undercroft. So each morning at 8.30am, from Monday 27th through to Friday 31st, the UCSA  will be giving out hot food, including: toast, baked beans, eggs, and the holy grail: hash browns.  Get in early to get the best goods to fill your tummy for a day of study, or a exam!


Exam results release date

Exam results are probably the last thing on anyone’s mind; I mean come on…we haven’t even started exams yet! However, it’s good to be aware of the release date so that you can have access to it even if  you’re on vacation and plan accordingly.

Exams end on 13 November just in time for Show Day. What happens on the 13th with all our odd shenanigans is best left untold, let alone on a public platform. Once we’ve had our share of fun and have embraced the summer and what it has to hold, exam results will be published in the first week of December (Friday 5th) which is roughly about two and half weeks after exams end.

From 7pm, Friday 5 December exam results can be accessed through myUC, by logging in and selecting the “Internal Transcripts and Results” tab.  Also be mindful that this will be a rush hour and results may take longer than usual to access. If you cannot access your results, even after multiple tries, make sure to contact your respective department during normal business hours.

Lastly, if you need any special attention with your results, you can consult the Results and Appeals page of the UC website and sort it out from there.