Need some cash ASAP?

University Bookshop
University Bookshop

Selling old university text books is a great way to make easy cash quickly. At the end of the year I always collect up all the text books that I no longer need and make a pile to sell. To make sure that you are getting a reasonable amount back, write down the amount that you paid, and go from there, For example, if I bought a text book for $80 I might start out trying to sell it for $60, then lower the price from there.

Here are some places that you could sell your text books:

  1. Trade Me: Then you can put them under a buy-now, or as an auction and watch the price climb up (hopefully) from your reserve.
  2. Facebook: There are multiple pages you can use to sell your text books through Facebook. The advantage of this is that you will be targeting other university students, and it will be easy to arrange a pick-up.  As a starting point you could try advertising your books on the UC Textbooks Buy Sell and Trade  or the Textbook Exchange. 
  3. UCPsyc Second Hand Book Sale: UCPsyc usually holds a book sale at the start of each Semester. This is great if you haven’t been able to sell the books over the break, but need some cash. This is also one of the best places to look for the text books you need, on the cheap! Look out for UCPsyc’s stall at Clubs Day to find out when their book sale is this year!
  4. The University Bookshop (UBS): The bookshop will have a list of the books that they are accepting, and they may be able to sell one on your behalf. You can also buy secondhand books here too!

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