Vice-Chancellor welcomes students to a refreshed UC campus

With the University of Canterbury launching the academic year on February 23 the campus is starting to buzz with activity; summer school is wrapping up – congratulations to all of you who are finishing papers – and staff are busy preparing for semester one courses to begin.

Now that semester one is so close, everything is falling into place. A lot of work has been done around campus over the summer and it’s looking and feeling refreshed. No detail has been forgotten – even the lawns have been mowed.

UC Media Consultant Kip Brook spoke to Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr about the big plans for the upcoming year. “It looks like we’ve had a significant lift in new to UC international students,” says Dr Carr, which is a sure sign that UC is a great place to study – as reflected in our rankings, “we’re ranked third most international university in Australasia.” Watch Kip’s full interview with Dr Carr here.

I also spoke with Dr Carr, taking the opportunity to find out a bit more about our Vice-Chancellor on behalf of the students.  It turns out that he was a bit of a party animal as an undergrad, he often struggles to balance his family life – he has four children – and work, and he is fuelled by coffee. On the University of Canterbury, he says “it is an institution which is constantly refreshing itself – it’s dynamic, it’s alive”. Watch my full interview with Dr Carr here.

Dr Carr welcomes all students, new and returning, to the University of Canterbury in 2015, “We look forward to a new chapter in the history of the university and the city. You will be a part of that. It’s an exciting time to be at the University of Canterbury. Study hard, play hard, seize the opportunity. Welcome to the University of Canterbury.

Lots of exciting changes are planned for this year, including “some tangible progress with our UCSA building,” says UC Students’ Association President Sarah Platt. Watch my recent interview with Sarah to hear why 2015 is set to be the best year at UC since the earthquakes, her top tips for new students and more.

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