Drive to campus? You need to pay for parking.


I wish parking on campus was free, but that’s not the case. In order to park on campus, you need to pay for it. A Student Parking Permit is the hassle-free option to park in designated areas but there are other options.

A permit costs $264.50 for a year and $132.25 for a semester (including GST). You can buy your permit from the Security Office at 114 Ilam Road. There are various payment options including EFTPOS, cash and a cheque written to the University of Canterbury; no direct payments are accepted.

Yes, a parking permit is costly, but it saves you the trouble of getting to university earlier than required to find a spot and definitely don’t park if you don’t have a permit. Your car will be clamped and you’ll be charged a standard penalty fee.

Also, if you drive to university only on occasion, then you can buy coupons for the day and park in the Student Permit designated areas. If you’re only parking for a few hours there’s also the option of using Pay and Display machines ($2.50/hour, maximum 4 hours) but this can add up if you choose this too often!

For more about parking see here or talk to Security.

4 thoughts on “Drive to campus? You need to pay for parking.”

  1. Is there some sort of amnesty on the first day for people parking in order to get their parking permit? Because it seems counter-intuitive to have to pay $2.50 for a ticket in order to go in to buy a permit.

    1. Hey Steph,
      The best thing to do is park just by security and pop in to get your student permit ie. in Science Rd car park. Technically this is staff permit or pay and display parking only but Security staff understand that people need a chance to buy their permits at the start of term. Just ensure you go straight to security and then move to a student designated park as soon as you’ve purchased your permit. Also be sure not to park in any accessible or reserved parking spaces.
      cheers Janelle.

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