It’s more than just a student ID


Yes, getting your Canterbury Card made during enrolment is a formal procedure and you have to get your photo taken (which can be a little awkward) but what many of us are unaware of is that it’s more than just a student ID!

To get formality out of the way, it’s best to mention the academic uses of the card which sums up why it’s mandatory to have one on you at all times. Your Canterbury Card is also the following apparently:

  • Library card
  • UC Students’ Association membership card
  • Debit card on campus (for printing, internet and library charges etc)
  • Security access card (for after hours access to buildings and secure bike stands)

Your card is most useful during exams as it’s absolutely crucial that you have it when you sit an exam in order to be identified. It’s also essential for borrowing texts and relevant material from campus libraries, especially if you’re smart enough to use the library resources rather than investing in your own.

For all you social beings out there, the ID is useful for more than just academic purposes; it gets you into all UCSA events and The Foundry. It’s mandatory to sign up to any club on Clubs Day and gets you some great student deals at the movies and other events where applicable.

Getting a card is simple; if you’re a new student just go up to Level 3 in Puaka-James Hight and on the left hand side of the stairs is the desk to get one. Be ready to get your picture taken! Make sure you look your best (mine is a terrible picture and I have to live with it for all of eternity! Learn from my mistakes, people). If you’re a current student and were careless enough to lose your card, you can get one made there too; and at any other time during the year just go to the Security Office.

If you need more information on things like How to Use Your Canterbury Card, Adding Funds and the Refund Policy go ahead and click hereand as always you can comment below with any questions or concerns regarding your card and its uses.

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