Crusaders v Lions – Cantabs 2015 opening doo

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On the Richter scale of excitement we are well above a 6.3 I’ll tell you that for free. Basically, the Cantabs are kicking off their second season next weekend and getting in behind the Crusaders down at AMI Stadium – Saturday 14 March at 4.30pm.

After a solid debut season we’re looking to develop ourselves into a household name, allowing students to get down to all large sporting events in Canterbury and beyond for a quick buck. Probably the best deal since you were a kid and it was free to dine at Cob n Co!

We will be kicking off at The Foundry Bar just after 2pm for some burgers and beers. The buses will then drop us down at AMI in time for kick off.

For only $25 you get a ticket, bus ride to and from The Foundry, burger and fries, pint on entry! Bargain. Click here to get your tickets and be part of the awesome student match on 14 March!

We are christening the new student stand “The Bank” with a hiss and a roar so don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of it. Round up the flatties, warm up ya vocals and bring any kind of chat for what will be a historic Cantabs Doo. Lets kick off the season with a bang!

“It’s your doo!”

Angus Hawke
President Cantabs

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