Test your business idea with entré – grand launch tonight

entré: the competitions

Entré is a not-for-profit University of Canterbury company, run by students for all tertiary students in the Canterbury region. If you think you’ve got an amazing, innovative idea that could change the world then you should definitely join entré!

Entré exists to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, to encourage innovation and creativity and to educate students on the basic elements of business development. They offer workshops and seminars teaching how to progress your business idea further and hopefully turning it into reality.

There are three competitions run by entré – the APPS Challenge, the Napkin Challenge and the $85k Challenge. Together the competitions cover all bases – whether you simply have a cool idea or if you’re committed to making it happen. You could win an iPad Air for simply entering your business idea in the Napkin Challenge, which is currently running! Entries close 5pm March 18.

The $85k Challenge is perfect if you are serious about going ahead with your business idea, but need help to get it off the ground. You could win your share of $85,000 (surprise surprise) to kick-start your business. Applications open March 23.

And finally the APPS Challenge is designed for those of you who really know your apps. If you see a gap in the market, then this is the competition for you. You can win awesome prizes just for an idea and who knows – it may even lead you to develop the app. Competition dates TBA.

Entré has helped so many students launch their business ideas, such as Lucy Player-Bishop with her company TutorMatch which I wrote about in my previous blog post, and Jorgen Ellis with his business Kitset Assembly Services, who I will also be doing a post on very soon. Lucy has a Law degree with Honours and is now finishing her BA, and Jorgen is studying Commerce. Lucy admits that she had very little knowledge about business before the entré $85k Challenge, whereas Jorgen had some understanding of business through his studies. These two students demonstrate how entré helps students launch great ideas into successful businesses – whether you have prior business knowledge or not.

If you’re keen and want to join, you can sign up online here. If you’re interested in learning more, the entré grand launch is tonight in the Undercroft from 7pm. You can also keep up to date with everything entré on their Facebook page.

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