Workout options on campus

We all know that a certain level of physical activity is an absolute must to a healthier life and improved overall well-being. Yes, it’ s expensive, exhausting and time consuming to work out but fortunately there are plenty of options on campus to help reduce the stress of the idea of working out.

A part of your student levy goes towards the campus Recreation Centre, which offers plenty of options to choose from including BAT, combat, Pilates, pump, spin, step, step basic, super circuit, Tabata, yoga, Zumba and even personal training (phew!).

If you like your choice of physical activity to be less stertorous and set in an informal workout environment there are plenty of options for that too. Meet with the Karate Club at Dovedale to practice, or join the Yoga Club to show off your skills on Ilam Fields, or even join the meditation crew on campus. There are plenty of martial arts, sports and leisure clubs on campus and a list of them can be found here.

If none of these sound appealing and if you’re after something that’s off campus and away from all the familiar faces, Jellie Park is a good option and we all know what it has to offer – a swimming pool!

So take your pick and get focused on getting healthy and staying there.

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