Stress free tips from you guys!

Last week in the Insider’s Guide weekly digest we asked you to send in your tips for remaining stress-free during assignments and exams. Below is a snapshot of what we were sent in!

  • One way of staying stress free in assignment times is by not leaving every thing to the last minute!
  • Set your phone alarm to 25 min timer, then do your readings, essay etc and when the alarm goes off give yourself a strict five minute break (Facebook, Snapchat, coffee etc)
  • For productive study and assignment work – drink lots of water so you keep hydrated
  • Don’t study on or in your bed. That way your body and mind has no connections to study in that area and when it comes to bedtime you can be relaxed and able to sleep
  • Save multiple copies of your assignment on different databases such as iCloud or Dropbox! So you can get access to it on any device where-ever you have wifi handy
  • Get into a good sleeping pattern, lack of sleep causes many problems including the increase of stress.
  • Decrease (or eliminate) the use of stimulants such as coffee. This can increase the stress response in the body.
  • Go for a walk or meet up with friends for an hour break and then get straight back to it! You’ll be more productive after feeling like you’ve socialised or gotten fresh air
  • Check your exam timetables early – know where to go and what time
  • Break your assignment into pieces and do a little bit every day!
  • Take regular breaks and exercise regularly in between study to refresh the mind and keep blood flowing to the brain to increase thought processes – it’ll make you feel better and decrease stress.
  • Make a study plan. If you include non-study stuff like gym classes or movie nights you don’t have to feel guilty about not studying!

If you have any more tips leave us a comment below!

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