Feeling cold? Keep warm on campus

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With the cold weather beginning to settle in I’m sure many of you have had a taste of what winter will be like at your flat, and I bet you’re not excited about it. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in the halls and don’t have to worry about power bills, student life during a Christchurch winter can be tough.

If this sounds like you, have you considered spending more time at uni? Not only will you inevitably be more productive, but you’ll actually be in a warm, comfortable environment. There are a number of particularly good locations to accommodate you. Here are our top 6 warm spots:

  • Karl Popper student lounge
  • The Living Room
  • The Engine Room
  • Puaka-James Hight (and all the other libraries)
  • Erskine 001 and 010 (24/7 computer workrooms)
  • Kotuku (24/7 computer workrooms at Dovedale)

It’s important to be in a warm, dry environment in order to stay healthy during winter. If you do get a bit under the weather, make sure you’re doing everything you can to winter-proof your flat here. Leave us a comment with your favourite warm spot on campus!

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