Head to Kaikoura for a quick getaway

Being just two and a half hours north of Christchurch, Kaikoura is a peninsular township famous for its history of whales.

Transport Options:

  • Drive: Take a mini road trip by yourself or with your mates
  • Ride the bus: Make use of the many private buses and charters that run daily to the place with most of them departing from the museum.
  • Hitch hike:  only of you’re really experienced!


  • Kaikoura is know for it’s water activities like whale watching cruises, albatross encounters and many other Black Cat Cruises. However, when you’re on a student budget, these are not your best option unless you really want to splurge.

Here are things that can be done with minimal cost:

  • Take the scenic walking route which gives you a comprehensive overview of the region.
  • The marine aquarium ($8 entry fee) The Fyffe House ($5 student fee) and The Point, where you can watch a sheep shearing show for $12 if you like.
  • The Seal Colony, Point Kean,Whalers Bay, Southern Bay and the Mariana are all viewpoints that capture the scenery beautifully and are free to walk to, with the furthest walking time between two points being 25 minutes.


  • There’s plenty of budget and luxury accommodation available in the region if you plan to stay a night. My preference is the YHA hostel, which is internationally certified accommodation that suits a student budget and gives you a chance to have yarns with other random backpackers. 

If you’ve been there before, let us know! We’re keen to her about your experience.

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