NZ4Nepal has hit nearly $50k!

Everyone knows the tragic disaster that hit Nepal and enough has been  written about the facts and statics behind it. Christchurch took it a step further  and showed it’s support for both the incident and the Nepalese community in Christchurch.

A candle light vigil was held in Victoria Square Friday May 1 from 6:30pm. Put together by the Christchurch City Council, The New Zealand Nepal friendship Society and the Student Volunteer Army.

Speeches  were given by the Mayor and the president of the Nepalese Community and candles were lit that read NZ4Nepal. It was a solemn occasion where Christchurch stood together as a city an showed its support to its residents and their families back home.

A give a little page has been set up almost immediately after the incident and has raised close to $50,000 dollars!
Please like, share and donate to the cause if you can and do your bit for Nepal right from home.

Click here to donate.

3 thoughts on “NZ4Nepal has hit nearly $50k!”

    1. Apologies, at the time of posting the amount raised had jumped up quite significantly! and the title was changed to reflect this. Unfortunately we missed the total in the body of the text. Thanks for your comment.

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