21 Day International Challenge – Week 3 Michael

Michael MMichael McRae  from Team 6

Nearly there..

What the week did have in store for us was both unexpected and a complete stroke of luck. The village of Tarong is located in a province called Iloilo. A member of our group has some Filipino men in her church group who she meets with on a weekly basis. As part of our journey we have endeavoured to embrace the Filipino culture, so naturally we invited the men to a pot luck lunch last Sunday. Our business proposal (without giving away too many hints) has somewhat of a construction/building aspect to it.. and what do you know, the Filipino Brothers had worked in the Iloilo district and surrounding communities doing very similar projects to what we were looking to implement! Unreal. Needless to say their input was invaluable and they got in contact with some useful people in Iloilo for us – great guys. 

When writing this, it is day 18 of the challenge. 3 days till it’s over. Safe to say there is a fair amount of neglected uni work and assignments sitting on my desk waiting for me to attend to them.  Next week when I talk to you, we would have presented to the judges, hopefully made the final, and be shaking in my boots ready to present in front of the panel of judges next Friday. 

She’s been a real journey. Not many students here at UC can say they’ve woken up in the morning thinking about coconuts, dry seasons, typhoons and poverty. Sure I could put here about how I would encourage everyone to get involved and that it’s a great competition etc etc.. But I don’t think it needs selling. Such a form of servant leadership and serving a bigger purpose than yourself  doesn’t need selling. 

I’m sure if you’re up for a hoot, come to the Undercroft seminar room next Wednesday morning where the teams will be pitching their ideas. It won’t be the normal pitch that students do in their courses where they have to do what the lecturer asks. No, these are proposals that students have slaved over for 21 days and feel extremely passionate about. Brilliant.

Until next time. Cheerio

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