The UC student experience: 1941-70

Click to watch the UC student experience from 1941-70
Click to watch the UC student experience from 1941-70

Since our establishment in 1873, UC has offered its students a unique and exciting student experience, you might say it’s the time of your life

This week’s video is the third in the series. Take a look at what life was like as a UC student from 1941-70.

I reckon that these decades were some of the most exciting in history, especially the swingin’ sixties! Being a student back then would have been such a cool experience. It’s awesome to see what it was like!

Remember, you can be part of the story by uploading your photos to UC Now!

myUC outage this Thursday

myUC outage this Thursday – change of online Canterbury Card Top Up access

This Thursday 2 July, from 6-10pm, myUC is going to be unavailable whilst ITS does some system maintenance.

If you need to top up your Canterbury Card online during this time, please use and log in using your username and password.

Winter Solstice Night Bike Ride 2015

This year’s Winter Solstice Night Bike ride took place at North Hagley Park on 22 June 2015 and promptly kicked off at 5.30pm. The crowd drew various  age ranges all with their bikes light up and coming together to promote a safe  riding establishment in the city and to support it.

A half an hour ride, there were groups of people and individuals who were all bike enthusiasts; from toddlers to senior citizens, all perfectly coordinated to promote a cause. Starting at the staging area, the estimated 400 bikers rode their bikes through Hagley Park until  the ride halted at Cambridge Terrace, where there were plenty of food trucks arranged so that riders could get a nice hot meal on the cold night.

A well planned event, it had plenty of marshals stationed at various points along the route to ensure safety and a safety briefing was given at the start of the event. The ride was led by leaders who took us through the pre planned course of an event that took close to two months to plan. There were plenty of lights to buy on the day to light up your bike as well!

Winter solstice is a natural phenomenon that marks the shortest day and longest night of the year and occurs in the month of June in the Southern Hemisphere. Around the world, people come together to celebrate it differently and Christchurch chooses to celebrate it safely while promoting the same cause every year.

Do you know about any other events  that take place particularly to mark this day either from here or around the world? Comment below and let us know!