National Volunteer Week: Co-curricular Record Activity Spotlight – UC Guardians

Onto Day 4 of NZ’s National Volunteer Week and our Co-curricular Record volunteer roles countdown!

One of the newest and coolest-sounding roles available to students, the UC Guardians are the student members of the UC Security team. With full training on conflict resolution, first aid and radio-telephone procedures, this activity is a hefty addition to anyone’s Co-curricular Record and CV.

Guardians have the opportunity to assist students and visitors to UC at campus events, during emergencies and normal uni operating hours. They act as a student contact in the Security Team and patrol campus giving students assistance where needed.

If you’re a first-year undergrad keen on being able to call yourself a Guardian of UC, read more information on the CCR website:

You can also check out other activities on the CCR website and find out how to register:

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