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National Volunteer Week: Co-curricular Record volunteer activities

Today is our final day for NZ’s National Volunteer Week. Because there was a lot to keep track of, our post for Day 7 will be an overview of what volunteer roles first-year undergrad degree students can get involved in and have recorded on your Co-curricular Record.

Day 1 we talked about UC Gym Hosts, a volunteer role assisting the management and operations of the UC RecCentre.

Day 2 was a spotlight on the Student Volunteer Army and the multiple roles first-year undergrads can participate in and claim on their CCR.

Day 3 we focused on the Class Representatives as an activity to look forward to for your Semester 2 courses.

Day 4 spotlighted UC Guardians, their training and their role as part of the UC Security Office.

Day 5 introduced the UC branch of 180 Degrees Consulting and the 180 Degrees Consultants role working with real-world organisations.

Day 6 was our final spotlight on UC Hosts, an activity that involves taking part in a number of different events as a UC representative.

You can look at our complete list of CCR activities to read more about these and to see our other paid and scholarship activities. We have more waiting behind the scenes for first-years and beyond coming up, so keep an eye out.

Wanting to get involved in these activities and get recognised for it? Register to the Co-curricular Record on CareerHub and go to www.canterbury.ac.nz/support/ccr for more information.

UC Alumni: Meet Henry, NY photographer

Click to see what life is like as a photographer in NY
Click to see what life is like as a photographer in NY

Henry Hargreaves graduated from UC in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts. He wasn’t sure what career he wanted to pursue, so he went travelling to see more of the world.

Whilst in South-East Asia, Henry ended up modelling, by chance, and found that he envied those on the other side of the camera. Through his modelling he travelled to New York for fashion week and it’s been his home ever since.

Henry has found success with his playful and thought provoking work, which is mainly food photography. Watch the video to see some of his work – deep fried iPhone anyone?

His work has featured in The New York Times and The Guardian, which is a pretty big deal.

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