The moving feast of bike parking on campus

The moving feast of bike parking on campus continues, and we are doing our best to keep up with it as buildings open and close. As we do this we are also settling some new permanent cycle parking areas (Matariki, Science Lawn, Music/Law for example).

How down are we on pre-earthquake levels? Since 2013 there has been a net increase of over 300 bike stands, but that was starting with a loss of over 700 bike stands since the earthquakes. We are still down by 455 bike parking spaces.

What are we doing about this? Gradually, as funding and space becomes available, we are replenishing our bike parking facilities. You may have noticed that in front of Geography there is now parking for an additional 140 bikes, for example. These bike stands look a bit different from the ones we usually get because they are on loan until the new stands we have purchased arrive. There will then be space for 200 bikes in that area.

What about Engineering? We receive a lot of inquiries and complaints from the School of Engineering about the lack of bike stands around the School. This is partly because the main bike stands are closed while Engineering is refurbished, and because the main remaining bike parking area (between Civil and Mechanical) is a very tight space in the middle of a construction site. We have crammed as many bike stands as we think we safely can into that area, but we really are pressed for space regarding putting additional stands in there. We are looking into a few options (which would encroach on departmental carparking and storage space) and will keep the School posted on developments.

Matariki bike stands: The main bike parking area in the centre of campus is off University Drive by the Matariki/Registry building. We want to really encourage students visiting the library or other buildings in the centre of campus to use this space – we’ve discovered that most students don’t even know it’s there. So check it out: there’s always space there!

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2 thoughts on “The moving feast of bike parking on campus”

  1. My question is this. it’s all well and good about the bike stands, in fact it’s great, but as a paying member of the car park users, i would like to ask when you’re going to start addressing the major lack of student parking on the engineering side of campus. as far as i’m aware the college of engineering is probably the largest college at the university, or if not, it’s one of the bigger ones, and there are no student car parks anywhere near it (aside from the few by the communication disorders buildings, but they are almost always full anyway). is there any way of freeing up some of the staff carparks on that side of campus for students maybe? as it’s a right pain when i whip over from dovedale atm to drop off an assignment, and there’s nowhere to park

    1. Hi Jono, carparking issues are addressed in part by the Transport Working Group and by Campus Services (and not by the Sustainability Office, which I am blogging for). We have forwarded your concerns to both groups. Carparking has been constrained since the earthquakes due to the demands of the remediation programme and the need for contractor carparking. The Sustainability Office focuses on, and promotes, sustainable forms of transport, like public transport, cycling, and car pooling. Maybe you could consider one of these modes of transport if you are struggling to find car parking. Or, if you, like me, have to come from quite far, drive or bus part of the way, and bike the rest!

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