SDS Business Case Competition – national runners up!

Canterbury wins Canterbury Round, Nationally Second!

By Neranga Jayaweera

Three rounds of creative business strategies and intense competition over the course of four months was not too bad a deal. Rocking up to the third round at Canterbury on the back of two third place titles in the first two rounds, we were definitely in the hunt to be National Champions. Boom! Team Canterbury nailed it to become the winner in the Canterbury round. But no love lost, Auckland who managed to be second in all three rounds edged over us to win the overall national title making us national runners up.

Our journey to National Runners up began in April at Auckland University, the first round. In May we contested at AUT and in July at Canterbury. With different business cases in each round, six universities presented in front of the judges a 10 minute pitch to get their strategy across followed by a 10 minute Q&A.

We were given five hours prior to deliberation to come up with a strategy. That is most nerve wrenching period. Coming up with a strategy the process we go through from idea generation to creativity to number crunching to conflict to settlement to last moment panic is unexplainable. It just becomes worse when all you see is time going at the rate of knots.

It was fun, exciting and challenging and a lot gained. Not to forget the long sessions of six hours just to practice one case were the longest practice sessions I’ve ever done for a competition. Fruitful are the results of hard work they say and fruitful they were.

I invite everyone to take part, when it comes next year do give it a shot, definitely worth it! As we look forward to the International Final in Queenstown in August, support Team Canterbury to battle out everybody including the six visiting foreign teams.

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