UC’s latest Fulbright scholar

Annalise Fulbright scholarAnnalise Fletcher is a final year PhD student interested in speech production changes in older New Zealand speakers and people with neurological speech disorders. She is UC’s latest recipient of the Fulbright General Graduate Award for promising NZ graduate students to undertake postgrad study at a US university.

Eight of these awards are offered each year with a value of up to US$33,000 each! Annalise will use her scholarship to visit the US for six months, based primarily at Florida and Arizona State Universities.

Annalise’s research is pretty amazing. She uses acoustic analysis techniques to explore how voice quality, speech rhythm and vowel articulation change as a result of neurological injuries and disease. Her PhD examines how this information can be used to model speakers’ responses to treatment strategies.

Annalise was also recently awarded a Claude McCarthy Fellowship to present sections of her thesis in the US at various conferences. As well as this, her PhD studies at UC are funded by the Sir Beaven Doctoral Scholarship!

Annalise is an exceptional example of a UC student doing amazing research that will change the world. If you also see a future for yourself doing ground-breaking research in your field, check out the postgrad website to learn more about what options there are for you at UC. And make sure you see what opportunities are available on the UC Scholarships website!

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