Climate Change Workshop: Ideas Beyond Targets

Date: Friday 2 October , 12-9pm
Location: DC03, Dovedale Village

Climate Change Workshop: Ideas Beyond Targets is part of a series of brainstorm project workshops which will be held around the world in advance of the COP21 Meeting – 21st United Nations Conference of Parties (COP21) – in Paris, France in December 2015. COP is where 195 countries meet to review implementation plans to reduce emission rates.

This workshop is not about climate change targets or political actions. The workshop objective is to brainstorm and formulate ideas for engineering improvements in existing systems. The problem is reduction of fossil fuel use by 80%. The workshop will begin by presenting the Transition Engineering and Management Strategy that has helped engineers in many different fields develop projects that trigger change and emergence of the post-fossil systems.

Several example projects will be briefly presented. Participants will be organized into interest groups, and each group will brainstorm and work through their own Transition Project and present their brainstorm concept. You will be inspired by what you can do in a couple of hours if you are focusing on the ideas beyond targets and you have a process to guide your imagination and communication.

Up to 50 participants (engineering students and young professional engineers) can register for this FREE event.

For  more information and to register, visit

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