UC students change lives in typhoon-hit Philippines

Nine UC students have just returned from volunteering in a rural part of the Philippines, which was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

uc phil team

There they created a 500m2 permaculture garden, with a new irrigation system designed to save the school money long-term and two enclosed greenhouses built to survive typhoons and heavy rain.

The garden will produce healthy food for the community and any excess can be sold for profit.

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And here’s all the details on the 21 Day Challenge, which was what brought these students together and sent them on the experience of a lifetime.


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Congratulations Claire Bewley, scholarship winner

A warm congratulations to Claire Bewley from Taradale in Hawke’s Bay, for being awarded a $15,000 Dick and Mary Earle scholarship for 2016 to support her Master of Engineering in applied bioengineering.

Claire already has a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering.

Her Masters research will focus on improving the ergonomics and reliability of the digital imaged based elasto-tomography (DIET) breast screening technology.  This is imaging using the elastic properties of tissue and therefore has several advantages over conventional screening mammography including the ability to help detect breast cancer in women of all ages, greater accuracy, more safety and comfort, and cheaper costs.  Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among New Zealand women.

Claire has three years’ industry experience in Christchurch including designing mechanical services for commercial buildings, and control systems for electric wheelchairs.

Well done Claire on your achievement – see you on campus next year!