End-of-year examination results

Congratulations on completing the year here at UC. Your final grades for 2015 will be available online from 7pm today, Friday, 4 December. You will be able to access these by logging into myUC and selecting the link “Internal Transcript”.

If you haven’t already done so, please check that your myUC log-in is working before 4pm today. The IT Service Desk will be available until 8pm this evening on (03) 364 2060.

This is a period of high activity for the website and you may experience slower than usual performance. If a final grade does not appear on your transcript, please contact the department concerned during their normal business hours (typically 9am-5pm). Further information about results and appeals is available on the Results and Appeals web page.

If you are returning to study with us in 2016 and have yet to re-enrol, you can do so now via the easy online re-enrolment process. If you have any questions about how your grades affect your study plans, please speak with the appropriate College advisor.


If you’ve been confirmed as a graduand for the December graduation ceremonies, you will receive further instructions about a week before your ceremony. We will advise you if you are not eligible to graduate. Information about the April 2016 graduation ceremonies is available on the Graduation web page.

Academic Progress

At the end of each semester, the University checks the academic progress of all students and the next check-up is about to take place.

At the end of each semester, students’ academic transcripts are reviewed to make sure students are on track to succeed in their studies and meet the professional requirements for their chosen degree. If you’re not heading in the right direction you may have restrictions placed on your enrolment, or be excluded from your Award/Faculty/UC.

If you are not on track with your studies, you may receive an academic progress letter between 15 and 18 December. Please check your student email account regularly to ensure you receive any important information relevant to your future study at UC.

To find out more about the Academic Progress process, and to find resources to help you get awesome results in your studies, go to the Academic Progress website.

All the best for summer and 2016.


Barbara Albertson

Examination Arrangements Senior Co-ordinator

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