Law Recruitment Evening – Thursday 10 March

Law students, it may be early in the academic year, but it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about career opportunities.

Tomorrow is the Law Recruitment Evening where the participating law firms and companies present their organisation as well as their graduate and summer clerk opportunities to prospective graduate employees.

WHERE: The Undercroft

WHEN: Thursday 10 March, 6:30pm – 9pm

Check out this Youtube video to see what Careers Fairs have been like in previous years. 

The Law Recruitment Evening is a fantastic opportunity to meet and talk with employers face to face, ask questions and gather all the information you need.

There will also be a panel discussion regarding other career opportunities than being a lawyer for people with a law degree.

Check out the programme below:

7:00pm Introduction
7:15pm How I became… a Solicitor Louise Taylor from Community Law
7:30pm How I became… a Criminal BarristerJames Rapley from Bridgeside Chambers
7.45pm How I became… a Crown Prosecutor Stephen Burdes from Raymond Donnelly
8:00pm My experience as an intern Rachel Haythornthwaite and Forest Taane Morton, Summer Interns at NZ Police Prosecution
8:15pm How I became… a Judges Clerk Shane Campbell from Wynn Williams


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