SVA mentors next generation of volunteers

SVA Exec members are working with up-and-coming leaders from local high schools, empowering them to make a difference in their communities through volunteer work.

Year 12 and 13 students from 10 local high schools volunteered at Halswell Quarry with the SVA last week. The activity was part of the SVA UCan Volunteering and Leadership programme.

Happy volunteers - despite the rain!
Happy volunteers – despite the rain!


Look out – more work is starting on the Uni-Cycle route

Some short term pain for long term gain to be aware of over the next few months …

Well it’s not really short term pain, it’s more short term ‘things to look out for’.

Contractors are about to start building a short section of cycleway alongside Christchurch Boys’ High School.

It forms an important part of the Uni-Cycle route, which will lead from the University of Canterbury to the Central City, connecting to the schools and destinations along the way. As part of this latest project, the shared path through North Hagley Park will be widened.

Getting these sections built will provide a safe, convenient way for people to ride from Riccarton Bush past Christchurch Boys’ High School and Christchurch Girls’ High School into Hagley Park and to the Central City at Armagh Street.

It is expected the work will take about three months to complete.

Contractors will do what they can to minimise disruption, however, there is likely to be some impact on movements through the area. Signs will show any detours or restrictions during construction and the Council encourages people to allow extra time for travel.

Be on the lookout for other people in vehicles, riding or walking and mindful of their safety.

People passing through North Hagley Park should note that there will be limited access to the path while it is being widened so it may be necessary to use an alternative route.

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UC Physics Professor David Wiltshire (on sabbatical in Belgium) had the following message read out on this morning’s RNZ news:

The news of the attack on the metro line that my family and I used only yesterday is of course shocking. Along with others in Brussels we have now hung out the Belgian flag – in this case a family heirloom that was hand made on the liberation of Brussels in September 1944.

Our thoughts today are not just with those who have suffered in the attacks, but with the refugees fleeing here from current wars, distrust of whom the perpetrators of this atrocity are trying to stir up. Hanging out the flag means standing up for the values on which that other war was fought and won.