Get involved in entré’s $85K Challenge

The holidays are over (yes, depressing), and even though we are only half way through Semester 1, as a club we already have several key events done and dusted. In March, we had our annual Grand Launch, held in the Undercroft. It was a wonderful evening – from our speaker Glenn Martin, to our two-piece entertainment for the night, Sanscribe. We were all glad to meet share a drink with our members and it was great to see so many people enjoying themselves.

Napkin Challenge

Our other main focus has been on our famous Napkin Challenge. The competition where we ask entrants to draw an idea on a plain napkin received over 200 entries and it was great to see such a wide range of ideas. From building a flying fox from James Hight to Matariki, to the eventual overall winner, we were blown away by all the entries and we want to thank all the students who took part and entered.

Entries for the 85K challenge close tomorrow (4 May)!

This all leads up to our main competition: the 85K Challenge. Our main competition has been well underway for several weeks now and entries close on 4 May at 5pm.  We are encouraging all students to get involved and enter because there is so much to be taken from it and great fun to be had as well.

Entries can come either as a single or in a group, either way, we can’t wait for the plethora of ideas. For more information, head to our Facebook page, ‘Entré Canterbury’, or straight to our website.

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