Climate Change Seminar & TEDx Talk

The Future We Seek – A Climate Change Seminar, held on 02 May 2016 at the University of Canterbury, reminded the audience that climate change is already affecting the planet and human society, and will continue to do so.

The keynote speaker, Dr Sally Carlton from the New Zealand Human Rights Commission, discussed how the challenges presented by climate change interface in various ways with human rights related concerns around the globe.

Following the keynote, the more than 60 guests in attendance viewed the TEDx talk ‘Climate Change: More Than Numbers’ – which was given by Dr. Daniel Price (a UC Graduate) and Dr. Erlend Moster Knudsen.

Dr. Price and Dr. Knudsen have, over the last year, been working on Pole to Paris – an international NGO founded by Dr. Price with the goal of raising public awareness of climate change issues. Following the video, Professor Martin Holland, Director of the New Zealand European Union Centres Network (EUCN), moderated a panel discussion.

The panel was made up of Professor Bryan Storey (Director Gateway Antarctica, UC), Dr. Pubudu Senanayake (UC Graduate and Generation Zero member), Mr. Adrien Taylor (Former TV3 environmental correspondent) and Mr. Jeff Willis (PhD Candidate at UC and Pole to Paris Social Media Director).

The event was organised by the EUCN,  Mr. Thomas Gillman (UC PhD Candidate and General Manager of Pole to Paris) and Mr. Jeff Willis.

For more information on the Pole to Paris campaign please visit their website .

The event was kindly funded by the New Zealand European Union Centres Network , a multi-disciplinary network of all eight New Zealand universities that aims to integrate the three elements of research, teaching, and outreach activities with a unique umbrella theme that focuses on the impact, role and understanding of the EU within New Zealand and the wider Pacific.

The NCRE wish to extend our thanks to our graduate students for proposing and implementing this initiative.

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