Co-curricular Record – Connecting with people & my degree

My experience with the CCR began in my first year at UC when I began a Student Success Internship on Diversity. My supervisor suggested I sign up to the CCR to gain official recognition for my internship. I was surprised how easy it was to sign up!

One of the greatest moments during my internship was being able to apply what I had learned in my Psychology classes (about the human need to belong) to the Diversity plan I was working on. As a student I think there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that after my degree I will have applicable skills and knowledge I can apply to a career.

Through the CCR there is opportunity to connect with UC staff around campus. This is an enriching experience for both staff and students, and in reality we learn from each other. As a result of such connections I was lucky enough to get a reference for a scholarship to help me when I go on study abroad to UBC in semester 2.

The CCR has been a great way for me to get involved at UC and I would recommend you sign up!



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