‘Different, but not less’ – Diversity Film Series Recap


‘Different, but not less’ – Temple Grandin

This month UC Diversity, UC Film Club, Q Canterbury and DeSoc joined together to show two films that address topics about diversity: Temple Grandin and Pride.

Here are a few comments from students who attended the events:

  • “Many of the comments made to us afterwards indicated that people really appreciated the chance to explore their understandings of diversity through these forms of media.” Luke, Q Canterbury
  • I learned to “never underestimate and discriminate the underrepresented [as they] tend to view life from a very different perspective which allow them to solve issues that cannot be solved by the majority.” Aaron, DeSoc
  • “It was amazing to see people turn up excited to embrace diversity and open to learning more about the issues our chosen films covered! It’s events like these where you get a feel for the sense of community that can be achieved at UC.” Courtney, UC Film Club

We are keen to show more films in future. If you have a particular movie to suggest or want to be involved in organising the next event please email Ellen ellen.turnbull@canterbury.ac.nz

What’s happening this month?

– Check out the 2016 Diversity Calendar to see what our diverse communities are celebrating, and let us know of any significant dates you’d like included.

– Do you have a Diversity issue and not sure who to talk to? Get in touch with one of our Diversity Champions.


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