Seen ‘Tautua’ on hoardings? Here’s what it means!

If you’re based at Dovedale campus or visit regularly, you’ve probably noticed the brightly coloured hoardings around the old gym. These hoardings have been decorated with various words and phrases relevant to UC – including ‘Tautua.’

‘Tautua’ means service and responsibility. It comes from the Samoan phrase “O le ala i le pule, o le tautua” which translates to “The pathway to authority is through service.”

The phrase, also featured in UC’s Pasifika Strategy, is a well known Samoan proverb meaning by serving others; we can create a meaningful path to success. It can also be translated as “The pathway to leadership is through service.”

Service to others, particularly family and community, is highly valued in Pasifika culture. It’s a value which is also applicable when it comes to education. Education allows one to give back to the community, and rise to positions of leadership and responsibility.

Below: Ashalyna Noa and Bernard Mackenzie from the Pacific Development Team check out the brightly coloured hoardings.


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