Michael’s Apple Conference Experience

– By Michael Topschij

Well, I would like to personally attribute last week as ‘Apple Week’ for myself. I had the unique opportunity of traveling to San Francisco to attend Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (aka WWDC). Tickets to WWDC in the past have sold out in a matter of seconds and now are given out in a lottery. I was lucky enough to receive a ticket through my company. The experience for me was not only enlightening, but extremely unique and riveting.

I lined up at 2am for the Monday morning keynote. Thanks to that, I was able to have seats right up the front beside the media. Afterwards, I even got to say hi to Johnathan Ive (Apple’s chief designer) and also shake hands with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook – in addition to taking a selfie!Michael

I spent the week attending multiple sessions with the very experts that make the apps we use on our Apple devices. I was able to show them the apps that I make, get feedback, fix problems and learn how to do some of the great new things that are coming soon. I even got to meet some of the team who look after the App Store and ask questions about what makes an app great.

It was really inspiring to hear from an executive at Marvel, who told us about the difference that we can make with the things we create. In addition to spending some time making some great friends from around the world, I even, well, flirted with danger.

I think this experience has been really inspiring for me as a University of Canterbury atudent. For a young entrepreneur and author, it has been an experience that was really worthwhile. Thanks to team at for the opportunity to share my amazing week.

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