Pasifika Law Conference opens new doors

A group of Pasifika students from UC’s School of Law recently attended the Pasifika Law and Culture Conference, hosted by Victoria University of Wellington. The annual event aims to increase understanding of Pacific legal issues and strengthen relationships between Pacific legal scholars and students. Law students from six universities went head to head in a mooting competition. One of UC’s two mooters, Anatea Prince, talks about the huge value of attending the conference – and their plans to keep the momentum going.

The Pasifika Law and Culture Conference was an incredible opportunity for us to learn about Pacific legal issues and practice our legal skills through the mooting competition that was held. Perhaps the most valuable aspect however, was not the things that we learned, but the people we met. Before we left, we had never met each other before and we were all under the impression that we were the only Pasifika law students. Meeting each other and dozens of other Pasifika law students across New Zealand has been an amazing experience for us, so much so, that we wanted to bring that experience home with us.

Photo: UC Law students Peniasi Apisai, Caroline Setefano, Anatea Prince, Raho Kila, Emma Ioane and Curtis Fatiaki
Photo: UC Law students Peniasi Apisai, Caroline Setefano, Anatea Prince, Raho Kila, Emma Ioane and Curtis Fatiaki.

Looking around at the conference, we realised that we were one of the only universities that didn’t have a Pasifika Law Students’ Society and that those who did all seemed to know and support each other in a way that wasn’t familiar to us. So we came back, determined to make our own society which is currently being set up to hopefully be official and affiliated by the start of next year. Our society will be open to all students with a focus on Law students and also Criminal Justice students, but anyone interested in joining is welcome to.

If you’d like to join or perhaps run for an executive role email me at, and join our Facebook Page – UC Pasifika Law Students’ Association. We will be having our IGM soon.

by Anatea Prince

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