A bit about the UC Sustainability Office

ENGS4379_Mailchimp_BNR (2)Did you know that UC has a Sustainability Office?

We (that is: Katie, Jane, Matt and myself, Puck) are an on-campus hub for individuals and groups that are interested in creating positive change and promoting sustainable practices within the University of Canterbury and the wider community.

We organise events; we communicate pathways for change (like, promoting fair trade, sustainable transport, informing staff and students about recycling), and support a network of individuals and working groups across the campus and in the wider community (for instance, we provide input into the campus master plans, and we work closely with the student Eco Clubs). We also do cool projects, like the compositing coffee cups trial for instance, or Dr Bike.ENGS5715_Eco_Week_WordPress_BNR

Our whole team is passionate about sustainability. Jane looks after the Community Gardens at UC (with a group of students), Katie is  focused on waterways, tiny houses and fair trade, Matt is forever finding more and better ways to look after cyclists and handle waste (think worms and composting), and I (Puck) work on different sustainability projects and do the communications side of things.
Want to know more, get involved, or curious about our events? Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or check out our website. Any questions or ideas you want help with? Email us on: sustainability@canterbury.ac.nz

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