What’s Follow-You printing?

Follow You Print


You can print a job from a UC computer, go to any Card Scan printers around UC Libraries and computer workrooms and use your Canterbury Card to print at that location.

Look out for: the Coming Soon Follow-You Printing posters around the UC Libraries and computer workroom Card Scan Printers.

Read on for videos, printing and photocopying rates and how your Canterbury Card will work.

 Watch the video here

Your need-to-know:

  • The Card Scan Printers (also known as Multi-Functional Devices – MFDs) in the student areas will be enabled for Follow-You printing progressively from Monday through to Wednesday.
  • As they become available out of order signs will be removed and How To instructions will appear. These will take you through registering your Canterbury Card the first time you use it.
  • As soon as the new system is live you will receive an email with links to more information including the new Canterbury Card Account web app that will give you details about the cost of unreleased print jobs in your Follow-You queue and reports on your transactions.

Printing/photocopying rates:

  • All students will be charged the standard rate for printing and photocopying, below. You must have enough funds on your Canterbury Card to be able to print or copy
  • If you don’t and try to print to one of the existing print queues you will receive an email notification
  • On the Follow-You Card Scan printers your card balance and the cost of the current job appear on the panel so you get instant feedback!

Charges for Printing and Photocopying (per side of paper):

Paper SizeBlack and whiteColour


Final 2 days – early bird tickets to Singularity U

SingularityU logoThis November, New Zealanders have an amazing opportunity to start thinking exponentially at Australasia’s first ever SingularityU Summit.

Early bird tickets on sale until 31 August.

Special prices available for age 25 and under, as well as start ups, educators and not for profit.

The world’s experts on exponential technology will get together in Christchurch with New Zealand and Australia’s leaders of today and tomorrow to talk about what lies ahead.

The Summit will provide business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, not for profits, start-ups, educators and youths the insight and knowledge they need to compete – and win – in an exponentially changing world.

Be a part of a conversation that won’t wait: www.singularityunz.com

Follow the journey to the Summit:




Self-Driving Cars? Really?

 SingularityU logo

This November, the SingularityU New Zealand chapter is hosting a SingularityU New Zealand Summit in Christchurch, focused on exponentially accelerating technologies and their impact on humanity. Lots of people ask what the heck is meant by “exponentially accelerating technologies.” So SingularityU made a comic.

Did you get a chance to meet Singularity University’s New Zealand Ambassador Kaila Corbin at last week’s UC Connect lecture? Don’t miss the summit!

Click here to go to the full comic.

Self driving cars