UC’s first Sustaina-ball coming soon

13668877_1129345150440692_2944166230395402891_oOn 24 September, at the end of UC Ecoweek 2016, the Eco Club Network will bring you the inaugural Sustaina-ball. George Moon, coordinator of the Eco Club Network explains what it is all about.

The first UC Sustaina-ball, how did it come about?
A lot of eco events can be quite serious! Being environmentalists, there are always issues to focus on such as climate change, conservation, fossil fuel divestment and promoting more eco-friendly lifestyles. We thought it would be good to have a chill social event so like-minded people can socialise.

Are you hoping for this to become an annual ball?
Can’t say at this point – it can be a surprisingly large amount of work coordinating a social event! If it turns out to be an awesome success and people want to do it again, then we’d look into it again for next year.

Why is the Sustaina-ball different from other UC balls?
We’re trying to make the event as eco friendly as possible. This includes things such as:
– The tickets are printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper
– We’re minimising waste where possible, for example by not using plastic cups and by using reusable decorations
– The food chosen has been selected because of the low environmental impact of producing it.

What will be the theme this year?
The theme is a classic ‘Garden Party’, which leaves plenty of scope for people to decide how they want to dress! Hopefully there will be some great outfits on the night.

Date: Saturday 24 September
Time: from 7:30pm
Where: Bentley’s (UCSA Events Centre)
Price: $40, includes 2 free drinks, canapés, chips and entry. Discount drinks on the night.

Find out more (and buy tickets): https://www.facebook.com/events/1559228887708977/

The Sustaina-ball is part of UC Eco Week 2016, which runs from 19-24 September 2016. Here is the programme for Eco Week:

Monday: Launch: Free ice creams & coffee. Undercroft, 12–1.30 pm.
Tuesday: Food Waste Event: Doco ‘Just Eat It’ & speakers. C Block 6–8 pm.
Thursday: Tiny House Tour. Bookings essential, 1.30–4 pm.
Friday: Edible Campus Tour. Meet Jane outside 1894,  12 pm sharp.
Friday: Sustainability Awards Ceremony. Undercroft 101, 5.30-6.30
Saturday: Sustaina-ball. Bentley’s, 7.30 – late.

Eco Week snippit 2This message was brought to you by the UC Sustainability Office. Connect with us through Facebook or Instagram. Or email us: sustainability@canterbury.ac.nz

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