UC in NZ’s first autonomous e-vehicle trial

Navya vehicle for Chch trials

Check out how our hi-tech researchers are playing a vital part in trialling New Zealand’s first fully autonomous electric vehicle.

Our Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand (HIT Lab NZ), Geospatial Research Institute (GRI), Wireless Research Centre (WRC) and Spatial Engineering Research Centre (SERC) have partnered up with HMI Technologies and Christchurch International Airport. They’ll explore the possibilities of how these fully autonomous vehicles could operate in New Zealand.

UC researchers and developers will help design and undertake the trials, to be conducted at the Christchurch Airport.

Head of HIT Lab NZ, Prof Rob Lindeman, says:

“The design of these trials puts the New Zealand public at the centre of the work, by incorporating their views into the overall rollout of the technology. This helps demystify the technology, and educates people about that we are really talking about when we use terms like ‘autonomous electric vehicle’.” Read more>

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